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Emotional stress at work does not end with the end of your workday. Emotional stress in private life does not end with leaving your house.

The increase in mental stress is presenting companies and their employees and managers with ever greater challenges. Absences due to psychological difficulties are rising dramatically, as is the number of employees who have motivation and performance problems due to professional or private crises and who suffer from stress and burnout.


For this reason, psychological counselling and supervision have become an integral part of the health care of many companies in recent years. The entrepreneurial advantage of efficient and motivated employees is clear: statistics show an ROI of 3 - 6 for every euro invested in the mental and physical health of a company's employees. (*Sources: Harvard Research, IFEBP)


As a psychological consultant with a focus on systemic consulting, I have specialized in working with companies. People spend a significant part of their lives at the workplace, which means that psychological stress and emotional instability are particularly prevalent here and pose a great challenge both for those affected and for the company.


My offer is aimed at medium-sized companies


- who are aware of the role and importance of their employees in the success of the company


- value good work and provide their employees with the foundation for this


- who want to reduce sickness absence due to psychological strain (stress, burnout, etc.)


Psychological counselling as part of occupational health management

Taking advantage of support is not a weakness but a resource.

Psychological counselling in companies

Psychological counselling is a highly effective way to work on company-related problems as well as personal problems in order for the employee to being able to concentrate on his or her performance and his motivation to give the best for the company.

By offering your employees an employee assistance program you do not only help them to get more resilient and emotionally strong but you show them that you care and that they are not only a number but an important part of the company and you therefore create trust and loyalty.

I work exclusively online via video telephony and email as well. This makes it possible that internationally active companies and their employees can also benefit from my offer. 

My offer

Individual counselling for employees and managers

EAP is solution-oriented and a short-term intervention. My strength lies in quickly grasping connections and causes and thus spending most of my time working towards the goal and the solution. I do NOT offer therapy, but consulting. This means that my clients always work independently and in their own strength. That creates strength. If a problem situation is overcome by one's own strength, this experience is henceforth considered a resource with which similar situations can be mastered by oneself. Your employees and managers stand in their own power, carry out their work powerfully and this in turn has an effect on the company, your products and your growth.


The systemic-phenomenological approach is designed to help people reach their true essence.


For whom psychological systemic online counselling is suitable

  • People who are professionally burdened (stress, bullying, anxiety, nervousness, loss of performance, motivation problems, etc.)
  • People who are privately burdened (work-life balance, double or triple burden, stress, sleeping problems, care of relatives, illnesses in the family, motivation problems, exhaustion, etc.)
  • People who feel overwhelmed
  • People who would like to feel more powerful
  • People who are willing to work on themselves

For whom psychological systemic online counselling is not suitable

  • People who would rather suffer than change anything
  • People who do not feel the need to work on themselves at the moment
  • People with psychoses (in this case it is recommended to consult a psychotherapist)